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Index of Interviews

Index of Task Force Staff Interviews Completed

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Abdelalratha, Saad Rahim
9.1.12 interview.

Abdlwarida, Mohammed
8.25.12 interview.

Abdullah, Nuri Nejem
8.27.12 interview.

Addularida, Tay Rahm
8.27.12 interview.

Adil, Mohammed
11.14.12 interview.

al-Ameri, Tamer Abdullah Abass
8.28.12 interview.

al-Amin, Ali Omar Ibrahim al-Mohammed
8.25.12 interview.

Ali, Walid Mohammed, former Guant?namo detainee
10.3.11 interview.

al-Hajj, Sami, former Guant?namo detainee
10.6.11 interview.

al-Rawi, Bisher, former Guant?namo detainee
4.17.12 interview.

Al Saadi, Sami
9.5.12 interview.
al-Sharif, Khalid
9.2.12 interview.

Anonymous (11)
Various dates.

Anusauskas, Arvydas, Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Defense (Lithuania)
1.11.12 interview.

Baker, Sean, U.S. Army (ret.)
11.30.11 interview.

Begg, Moazzam, former Guant?namo detainee
10.3.11 interview.
4.17.12 interview.

Belhadj, Abdel Hakim
9.5.12 interview.

Bell, Kevin, U.S. Army (ret.)
11.1.11 interview.

Birt, Angela, U.S. Army Criminal Investigator (ret.)
7.20.11 interview.

Bloche, M. Gregg, M.D., author of The Hippocratic Myth
4.11.12 interview.

Brandenburg, Gen. William, U.S. Army (ret.)
5.4.11 interview.
9.26.11 interview.

Bryson, Jennifer, former interrogator
10.14.11 interview.

Carrico, Col. Terry, former Guant?namo commander
5.19.11 interview.
11.2.11 interview.

Claus, Josh, U.S. Army (ret.), former interrogator at Bagram Airbase
7.13.11 and 7.14.11 interview.

Couch, Lt. Col. Stuart, Office of Military Commissions
6.15.11 interview.

Craig, Greg, former White House Counsel under President Obama
2.17.11 interview.
9.13.12 interview.

Crane, David, former Director of the Office of Intelligence Review
7.20.11 interview.

Daschle, Tom
6.19.12 interview.

Davis, Dr. Deborah
7.20.12 interview.

Davis, Col. Morris, Fmr. Chief Prosecutor in the Guant?namo military commissions
6.14.11 interview.

Deghayes, Omar, former Guant?namo detainee
10.3.11 interview.
4.17.12 interview.

Digryte, Egle, Editor of Lzinios (Lithuania)
1.12.12 interview.

Drumheller, Tyler, former head of covert ops in Europe (CIA)
6.13.12 interview.

el-Britel, Kassim
7.20.12 interview.

el-Mashad, Sherif
8.13.12 interview.

Ertel, Nathan, American held in detention at Camp Cropper
12.15.11 interview.

Eviatar, Daphne, Human Rights First
3.30.11 interview.

Fallon, Mark, former CITF Guant?namo official
6.20.11 interview.

Feinstein, Sen. Dianne, Chairwoman of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and staff
10.17.11 interview.

Frakt, David, detainee counsel, Office of Military Commissions
8.19.11 interview.

Gardner, Lt. Gen. Jack, U.S. Army
7.26.11 interview.

Gelles, Mike, former Chief Psychologist, Naval Criminal Investigative Service
6.24.11 interview.
3.15.12 interview.

Girod, Christophe, former ICRC representative
4.20.12 interview.

Graham, Lindsey, U.S. Senator
6.13.12 interview.

Lal, Gul, Chairman of the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization
11.13.12 interview.

Gunn, Will, former lead military defense lawyer at military commissions
9.20.11 interview.

Hemingway, Thomas, former legal advisor to OMC
6.21.11 interview.

Herrington, Col. Stuart, evaluated interrogation operations in Guant?namo and Iraq
6.20.12 interview.

Holton, Paul, former chief warrant officer with Army National Guard in Iraq
6.28.11 interview.

Ivey, Col. Bill, former deputy commander in Iraq
6.15.11 interview.

Kleinman, Steven, career intelligence officer and interrogator
6.19.12 interview.

Koh, Harold Hongju, Legal Advisor to the Dept. of State
2.6.12 interview.

Korneluk, Dariusz; Tyl, Waldemar; and Liszewski, Szymon, prosecutors for the Polish investigation
11.18.11 interview.

MacLean, Matthew, detainee counsel
8.18.11 interview.

Manley, Jim
10.6.12 interview.

Margulies, Joseph, detainee counsel
3.13.12 interview.

Markevicius, Jonas, Special Advisor to the President on National Security (Lithuania)
1.12.12 interview.

Martin, Colonel Wes, U.S. Army (ret.), Iraq
5.5.11 interview.

McPherson, Adm. Jim, U.S. Navy (ret.), former Judge Advocate General of the Navy
12.13.11 interview.

Mendez Prof. Juan, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment
9.21.11 interview.

Mickevicius, Henrikas, Head of the Human Rights Monitoring Institute (Lithuania)
1.10.12 interview.

Mikelionis, Irmantas, Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation (Lithuania)
1.11.12 interview.

Mora, Alberto, former General Counsel of the Navy
4.24.12 interview.

Navarro, Joe, former FBI interrogator
1.8.13 interview.

Neely, Brandon, former U.S. Army guard at Guantanamo
11.21.11 interview.

Nelson, Torin, former interrogator
8.19.11 interview.

Petty, Keith, prosecutor in the Guant?namo military commissions
6.1.11 interview.

Phillips, Joshua, journalist
3.25.11 interview.

Pillar, Paul, former deputy director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center (1997-1999)
12.16.11 interview.

Pinior, Jozef, current Polish Senator
11.23.11 interview.

Prosper, Pierre-Richard
4.10.12 interview.

Rahm, Saddam
8.28.12 interview.

Raulusaitis, Darius, Deputy Prosecutor-General (Lithuania)
1.11.12 interview.

Remes, David, pro bono attorney for Guantanamo detainees
9.21.11 interview.

Rives, Lt. Gen. Jack (ret.), former Air Force Judge Advocate General
11.11.11 interview.
11.30.12 interview.

Rizzo, John, General Counsel for the CIA
8.2.12 interview.

Rovner, Laura
5.24.12 interview.

Rubenstein, Len, Physicians for Human Rights
5.25.11 interview.

Sharfstein, Steven, M.D., former President of the American Psychiatric Association
3.15.12 interview.

Shiffrin, Richard
3.9.12 interview.

Shimkus, Capt. Albert,
commanding officer, U.S. Naval Hospital, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
7.26.12 interview.

Smith, Clive Stafford
4.16.12 interview.

Soldz, Stephen, Ph.D., Psychologist
3.14.12 interview.

Soufan, Ali, former FBI agent
7.2.12 interview.
Stone, General Doug, former Deputy Commanding General, Detainee Operations in Iraq
5.5.11 interview.
8.2.11 interview.
6.21.12 interview.

Taft, Will, former chief legal advisor at the Dept. of State
9.27.11 interview.

Taguba, Major Gen. Tony (ret.), author of Taguba Report
9.21.11 interview.
4.26.12 interview.

Tullah, Hazurah
11.14.12 interview.

Usackas, Vygaudas
8.9.11 interview.

Valdes, Wendy, GWU National Security Archives
3.31.11 interview.

Vance, Donald, American held in detention at Camp Cropper
12.15.11 interview.

Wilkerson, Col. Lawrence, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell
10.28.11 interview.

Xenakis, Brig. Gen. Stephen, U.S. Army (ret.) medical corps
4.1.11 interview.
4.14.11 interview.
1.16.13 interview.

Zelikow, Philip, Executive Director of 9/11 Report
1.12.12 interview.

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