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Guide to Acronyms

ACP American College of Physicians
ACR Armored Calvary Regiment
ACS Afghan Corrections System
ADX Administrative Maximum Facility (Supermax) (Florence)
AIHRC Afghanistan?s Independent Human Rights Commission
APA American Psychological Association
APPG All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition
AQ Al Qaeda
ANSF Afghan National Security Forces
AUMF Authorization for Use of Military Force
AZ Abu Zubaydah
BCP Bagram Collection Point
BHA Brigade Holding Area
BIFS Brigade Internment Facilities
BOP Bureau of Prisons (DOJ)
BSCT Behavioral Science Consultation Team (?Biscuit?)
BTIF Bagram Theater Internment Facility
CAT U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
CID (1) Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading [Treatment or Punishment])
(2) U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command
CIL Customary International Law
CITF Guant?namo Criminal Investigative Task Force
CJIATF-435 Combined Joint Interagency Task Force?435
CJTF-180 Combined Joint Task Force?180 (or -7, etc)
COIN Counter-Insurgent Strategy
CNSD Committee on National Security and Defense (Lithuania)
CPT European Committee for the Prevention of Torture
CRS Congressional Research Service
CSRT Combatant Status Review Tribunal
DCHC Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DIA)
DIFS Division Internment Facilities
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DFIP Detention Facility at Parwan
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency (DOD)
DOD Department of Defense
DOJ Department of Justice
DOS Department of State
DRB Detainee Review Board
DTA Detainee Treatment Act
ECCC Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
ECHR European Court of Human Rights
DUC Detained Unlawful Combatant
ECRB Enemy Combatant Review Board
EITs Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
EO Executive Order
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FM Army Field Manual
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
GAO Government Accountability Office
GCI First Geneva Convention
GCII Second Geneva Convention
GCIII Third Geneva Convention
GCIV Fourth Geneva Convention
GIRoA Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
GTMO Guant?namo Bay Detention Camp
GWOT Global War on Terrorism
HIG High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group
HVD High-Value Detainee
ICTY International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
ICTR International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
IHL International Humanitarian Law
HUMINT Human Intelligence
ICC International Criminal Court
ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICE Guant?namo?s Interrogation and Control Element
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICTR International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
ICTY International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IG Inspector General (various agencies)
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
ISG Iraq Survey Group
ISN Interment Serial Number
JAG Judge Advocate General
JIDC Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center
JPRA Joint Personnel Recovery Agency
JSOC Joint Special Operations Command
JTF-GTMO Joint Task Force Guant?namo
KFOR Kosovo Force (NATO)
KSM Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
LIFG Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
LLEC Low Level Enemy Combatants
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
MCA Military Commissions Act
MEP Member of the European Parliament
MI Military Intelligence
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MP Military Police
MRE Meal, Ready to Eat
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCO Noncommissioned Officer
NDS National Directorate of Security (Afghanistan)
NGO Nongovernmental Organization
NSA National Security Agency
NSD-77 National Security Directive 77
NSC National Security Council
ODA Operational Detachment Alpha
OEF Operation Enduring Freedom
OGA Other Government Agency (the CIA, as referred to by the military)
OIG Office of Inspector General (various agencies)
OLC Office of Legal Counsel (DOJ)
OMS Office of Medical Services (CIA)
OPR Office of Professional Responsibility (DOJ)
OGC Office of General Counsel (various agencies)
OSI Open Society Institute
OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OTSG Office of the Surgeon General
ORNISS National Registry Office for Classified Information (Romania)
POW Prisoner of War
PENS APA Presidential Task Force on Psychological Ethics and National Security
PFT Pouring, Flicking or Tossing (Water)
PR Personal Representative
PRB Privilege Review Board
PHR Physicians for Human Rights
PKK Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan
PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PUC Person Under Control
SAP Special Access Program
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SSD State Security Department (Lithuania)
TCP The Constitution Project
TF Task Force
TJAG The Judge Advocate General
(U) unclassified
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UECRB Unlawful Enemy Combatant Review Board
UNAMA United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
USFOR-A U.S. Forces, Afghanistan
WCA War Crimes Act
WMA World Medical Association
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