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Corrections and Clarifications

  • On page 5 of the report, in the first line of the seventh full paragraph, the word “single” was incorrectly substituted for the word “signal.”
  • Page 170 of the Task Force Report incorrectly attributed comments made at a 2008 Congressional hearing to John Bellinger.   The comments were actually made by Congressman William Delahunt, not Mr. Bellinger. The Task Force regrets this error.
  • On pages 295 and 304 “New America Foundation” was incorrectly listed as “New American Foundation
  • On page 323 of the report, the Canadian prime minister is identified as “Paul Harper.” This should read “Stephen Harper.”
  • Endnotes for Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 were inadvertently left out of the print copy. They are available online.
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